2017 Program Schedule
  • Advanced Lightwire Functionals Mini-Residency Seminars
    Toronto, Canada
    • January 6 & 7, 2017
      Session I: Diagnostic Indicators and Basic ALF Design and Treatment
    • March 3 & 4, 2017
      Session II: Advanced ALF Design and Treatment Concepts
    • April 21 & 22, 2017
      Session III: Advanced ALF Design and Treatment Techniques
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Advanced Lightwire Functionals

Thumbnail sample of one of the slides in the downloadable ALF Introduction presentation.


Advanced Lightwire Functionals

Introduction • Research Summary • Case Reports • Hands-on Training

  • ALF Seminar on DVD — 12 hours, recorded live over a 6-day period; Details/Purchase Here
  • ALF Training — Learn the Dynamics of Correcting Dental Orthopedic Distortions (see sidebar for dates and locations)
  • ALF Introduction — downloadable slide presentaton (PDF file) covering history of ALF, impact on health, principles, clinical implications, before-and-after, and more.
  • ALF Reduces Orthodontic Relapse Factor — advanced clinical research has uncovered one of the mechanisms that cause orthodontic relapse and why the traditional orthodontic/orthopedic model has failed.
  • ALF / Orthodontic Connection, non-extraction orthopedic expansion [Case Report].
  • ALF / Whole Body Connection, chronic headaches, neck pain and low back pain totally resolved by correcting crooked teeth and skull distortions [Case Report].
  • ALF DVD (4-1/2 hours) the next best thing for those unable to attend the hands-on seminars.